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Rene of Paris Wigs
Your Full Service Salon

I take pride in offering Rene of Paris wigs as well as other lines. Fashionable and chic, this line of wigs offers an outstanding selection. I am glad to order and fit the wig for you. All wig fittings require a 30 minute appointment. There is a $25 consultation fee which is applied toward the purchase of a wig. A wig purchase includes a one-time personal customization for the client.

Rene of Paris

Fitting Your Wig
The Process

Part of ensuring your wig looks stunning and effortlessly natural, involves the fitting process. With expert care, I helo clients discover the right shade, style, and fit for them. As mentioned earlier, all wig fittings require a 30-minute consultation for $25. This ensures you'll walk away with the perfect look for you. See some of our wig fittings below!

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